Disease Triangle

The effective control of S. suis infectious disease is hampered by the lack of knowledge concerning:

  • The virulence mechanisms of invasive isolates in pigs including adaptive changes during infection (e.g. due to phase variation);
  • Factors involved in carriage and transmission of S. suis;
  • Diagnostic markers of disease-causing strains;
  • Infection dynamics and epidemiology of disease-causing strains;
  • The impact of co-occurring infections on risk of S. suis disease;
  • Development of innate host immune reactions in the critical suckling and weaning periods of early life;
  • Role of the microbiota in protection against, but also risk of, S. suis invasive disease;
  • Adaptive (protective) immune responses against different types of S. suis.

Therefore, the PIGSs project addresses the complete disease triangle to study the necessary pre-conditions for disease to occur.