Presentation on the power of microbial diversity in humans and animals at the Pint of Science festival

On Wednesday, May 22 2019, the IRTA-CReSA researcher Dr. Flor Correa presented to the public at La Cafeteria La Pau in Barcelona on what is and what is the importance of the microorganisms in humans and animals, under the title “The power of (microbial) diversity“.

Flor explained that in the lab they found that the bacterial diversity is different in healthy animals in comparison with pigs with respiratory conditions. In general, we observed that the more diversity in the piglets’ upper respiratory tract, the healthier the animal. These results are of great relevance, not only because of the economic importance of the pig in industry, but also because in some cases, pigs can get sick from the same pathogens that humans. Hence, the results obtained are also important for human health.

The public, of different ages, was constantly attentive, interested and with many questions. According to Flor, “to feel that you can help people to understand and resolve doubts directly, amaze and with examples very easy to understand was a unique experience.” In fact, for science professionals it is quite common to have the impression of working with complicated and difficult to understand issues. “This makes it even more difficult for people to get to the street and who somehow is interested in the our task “.