Dedicated PIGSs meeting on: Identification of new or uncharacterised mutants.

To allign ongoing research activities in the PIGSs project on virulence (work package 2), and identify new or uncharacterised mutants, an ad hoc meeting was organized today (11 February 2020) by Prof. Peter Valentin-Weigand at Wageningen University and Research. 

The following programme took place: 

Session A 

  1. Identification of genes transcriptionally regulated under in vivo mimicking conditions (chaired by University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover)
    1. Gene expression in Precision Cut Lung Slices
    2. Gene expression in serum 
  2. Identification of genes essential for survival under in vivo (mimicking) conditions using Tn seq (chaired by Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Lelystad)
    1. Tnseq and mutants
    2. Phenotyping of mutants from DLO in Precision Cut Lung Slices and Air Liquid Interface Cultures 

Session B

  1. Identification of virulence associated genes based on genome sequencing (chaired by Cambridge University)
  2. Virulence genes associated with infections of humans (chaired by Academic Medical Center)

In sum, a selection of mutants (and genes) is made on which the PIGSs consortiom will focus its research in the coming months.