Webinar organized by Schothorst Feed Research: The role of gut microbiota on welfare of pigs.

The gut microbial ecosystem is fundamental in proper nutritional, physiological, and immunological functions of the pig and is of utmost importance to improve feed efficiency, reduce the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide and may reduce damaging behaviours such as tail biting in pigs. The effect on feeding strategies on intestinal health is commonly studied. However, composition and function of a healthy microbial ecosystem have yet to be qualitatively and quantitatively defined to be used as a tool. Furthermore, the microbiota-gut-brain axis (MGBA) plays a big role in welfare: feeding and social behaviour, stress, fear and memory. A better understanding of the influence of the MGBA on welfare is needed to develop innovative feeding strategies that can improve both animal performance, health and welfare.

On Wednesday 27 May and Thursday 28 May a dedicated webinar will be organized by Schothorst Feed Research. Click HERE for more information.