World Microbiome Day 27 June 2020

On World Microbiome Day microbes are celebrated, all around the world and international microbiome researchers are introduced to the public to raise awareness of the vibrant and diverse world of microbes.

Microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses, archaea, etc) can be found everywhere in and on plants, animals, water, soil, food and humans. Within each of those habitats, microorganisms live together in communities called microbiomes. Microbiomes have an effect on (amongst others) human health; therefore, scientists are exploring how these communities of organisms co-exist with each other, with us and our environment.

The 2020 World Microbiome Day theme is ‘Diversity’-celebrating diversity of microbes, microbiome habitats, diets to feed and fuel microbiomes and the diversity among microbiome researchers.

In the PIGSs project, microbiome research is conducted by several partners with the aim to find microbial solutions to reduce the risk of Streptococcus suis invasive disease and support intestinal physiology during weaning through studying the interplay of microbiota with the pig innate immune system and the antagonism of Streptoccocus suis by specific commensals in preclinical models.